Juan-Tomas Hernani To Join Closing Celebration at Innovate!Europe

We’ve just confirmed that Mr. Juan-Tomas Hernani, Spain’s newly-appointed General Secretary of Innovation, will take part in the closing celebration of Innovate!Europe Master Class, next Wednesday, May 6.

Innovate!Europe will close its Master Class program with a public forum, “Meet the Entrepreneurs,” where ten finalist companies will present their businesses plans. Executives from each of the finalist companies will give a 10-minute presentation that describes the company, its unique value proposition, and its market potential.

At the completion of the the presentations, Mr. Hernani will address the Master Class and join the leadership of Innovate!Europe to announce and present the award to Innovate!Europe’s High-Potential Startup of 2009.

The forum will take place at the Teatro Principal in Zaragoza, Spain, Wednesday, May 6, at 18h00.

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